Thursday, March 16, 2006

16 March, 2006 THE SEASON'S OF LIFE

This Morning's

CD: "In These Times"

Peter, Paul & Mary

Today work went well. No problems and I felt relaxed. Was thinking about the things I need to get done while my memory is still fairly good. I shared yesterday about the legal, financial and all of those things that need to be done. But today's thoughts were more on a personal, heart level. Things like finding old pictures, getting out the album my sister sent me with old family photos and deciding what ones are really important to preserve and get to CVS for resizing and placement on CD roms.

I did a lot of reminiscing about growing up in Cleveland. How I hated the cold! My mom had the idea that it was healthy for kids to be outside....Winter included. My excitement of snow always wore off pretty quick and was happy to exit the snow fort and get back in the house. It's funny because I don't mind the cold so much when I've been to England or up north during the winter as an adult. I guess it's because I know it's temporary so I just dress accordingly, have a great time no matter what the weather and enjoy the warmth of Florida all the more when I get back home. And that's how I try to look at my Alzheimer's diagnosis. I still enjoy my life, enjoy my co-workers and folks at church, enjoy doing things with Larry and getting to Tom's Barbecue as often as possible. Going through old pictures and reflecting on the great experiences I've had in life. The Alzheimer's Disease is only an outward season. But inside is the warm season of a fun life worth living to the fullest.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

15 March, 2006 One Day At A Time--Again!

This morning's CD: "Hymns Through the Centuries Vol II" Washington National Cathedral Picture: Rose Window above balcony Washington National Cathedral This afternoon Larry and I went for our appointment with our Family Nurse Consultant at Alzheimer's Community Care. Her name is Jo Ellen and what a wonderful lady! We received tons of information and homework assignments regarding legal and financial arrangements; all of the important things I need to take care of before losing important cognizant functions. We also learned about a great wellness and memory program at Florida Atlantic University. Jo Ellen patiently answered a ton of questions, administer the MMSE (mini mental status exam) and although we we dealing with a very serious disease process, there were also smiles and humor during our time together. My MMSE was up a point! I'm also on a waiting list for a early onset AD group. During the converation, I became acutely aware that I was asking the same question in several different ways about something impossible for Jo Ellen or any expert in the field to answer: "How long will I be able to function at a high level, go to work everyday and live independently?" The fact is that Alzheimer's is a very complicated disease which progresses slowly, yet at different rates for different folks and manifests different symptomology from patient to patient. Nobody can answer the question because nobody knows the answer. Jo Ellen stressed the importance of taking one day at a time and living each day at its fullest. This is something I again realize that I have to reinforce daily. And with God's help and my wonderful support systems at work and church and my relationship with Larry, I'm going to do just that: keep reminding myself daily to relax, take one day at a time and savor each moment as it comes. Gordon