Saturday, April 08, 2006

Week in Review & Family Visit

This Morning's CD: The Music of Charles Dickens Picture: Brothers Don and Ted,standing, yours truly seated. Well, things have gotten MUCH better for me in the past week. Last Friday, 3/31, Super CVS Pharmacist, Freddy, played telephone jockey between the neurologist's office and the world's worst insurance company, also known as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and my medication was approved. CVS had given me 3 freebies so no harm was done. In addition, the side effects have resolved and I've felt great this week. It just took some time for my body to get adjusted. This is week #7 on Aricept. My two brothers, Don from Maryland and wife Sarah and Ted and wife Relinda from Punta Gorda spent the evening with us and the Dukes came over. We had a great time, chatting about old times and sharing a lot of laughs and memories and went out to eat at Bohemian Gardens. I went to bed at midnight. That's late for me! Between working and sleeping, we've been designing and punching out buttons for folks and sometimes explaining at least in one case that "unfortunately no, it's not possible to get them made and delivered to you in an hour!" We have performed miracles like that a time or two but it's been on a weekend we weren't tied up which isn't very often. Anyway, we like making our buttons and we've never had an unhappy customer. That's all for now. Gordon

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hurricane Repair: Andy, Robert and the Geese

This Morning's CD: Mahalia Jackson's Greatest Gospel Boxed Set Collectors Edition We didn't get to church this morning. You see, the patio's been leaking ever since Hurricane Frances. Then when Hurricane Wilma came the sliding glass door was shaking so hard I moved to the other side of the living room. Hurricane Wilma was our first daytime hurricane landfall since we've been in Florida which made it even more scary. Anyway, the patio shook so hard some of the bolts fell out but it didn't blow away. Our favorite neighbors moved a few miles away last fall. Andy, 16 now has developed the great craftsmanship learned from his dad, Robert. Andy came this morning and repaired the patio, sealed it good, cleaned out the gutters, blew out the drain and trimmed the oak tree over the patio roof. Robert came to help and even repaired some of the facia over the roof which halfway blew out during Frances or Wilma. Andy's little brother Jean Pierre didn't get to come and probably would have had a good time. The geese were waiting for Andy to come down the ladder and immediately started chasing him and we all had a good laugh. We miss Robert, Jackie, Andy and Jean Pierre, but their new house is beautiful and Robert does what he does best with a new the sludge hammer, tore it up real good and probably has the prettiest house in Palm Beach County. Now I need to sign off as I have family coming tomorrow and we need to tidy the house. Gordon