Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peter Falk Dies, He had Alzheimer's Disease

I loved "Columbo". Never missed an episode. I love it when Peter Falk would start to walk away from a suspect he was interviewing and then walk back to
the person and say, One more question." Along with millions of others I hope that a cure can be found for this horrible disease. And it's SO important that
folks diagnosed with Alzheimer's get into a clinical trial because that is where the cure will come from. And without people stepping up to the plate to get into
a clinical trial there will never be a cure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glen Campbell: I Have Alzheimer's

Keep Glen Campbell and his family in your prayers. I felt sad when I heard the news today. I loved his music and always thought he was a nice person.
I wish him well on his farewell tour and hope he comes to South Florida so I can see him perform.
Today,after putting it off I went to the Human Resources Department at work and requested the papers for Medical Disability. Retiring makes me nervous,
but I can't keep on working. Everything is so overwhelming and I can't keep track of things like I used to.
Country Singer Glen Campbell: I Have Alzheimer's

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mystery Ingredient in Coffee Boosts Protection Against Alzheimer's Disease

We are not saying that daily moderate coffee consumption will completely protect people from getting Alzheimer's disease,"
Dr. Cao said. "However, we do believe that moderate coffee consumption can appreciably reduce your risk of this dreaded
disease or delay its onset"
Mystery Ingredient in Coffee Boosts Protection Against Alzheimer's Disease

Infusion Treatment #1

After being in the Wyeth clinical trial of Bapineuzumab, today was my first day in the final part of the trial. I'm getting the real vaccine and even checked to make sure the IV bag had
Bapineuzumab written on it. It made for a long day-six and a half hours. But I had my laptop and Larry had his and we had a TV in the treatment room so it wasn't so bad. I always have
brain scans halfway between the infusions to make sure my brain is not swelling which used
to be a problem with Bapineuzumab but is not anymore after decreasing the amount of the
I wish everybody would get into a clinical trial. Without people enrolling in the trials, research and finding a cure slows down.

This is exciting. A blood test to diagnose Alzheimer's Disease is coming soon!
Today I go for my Bap vaccine infusion at Brain Matters.