Monday, June 26, 2006

My Trip To the Alzheimer's Research Center Today

Today's Ipod Music: Blackwood Brothers: Until Then, Gaithers: Live from Toronto Sir Elton John: Candle in the Wind Well today was the long awaited day to visit the research center in Delray. It was a great visit. The doctor re-confirmed my early onset Alzheimers Disease diagnosis. He was direct when describing the prognosis of the disease: no cure, progressive, gradual, no medication yet available to stop it, just things to try to slow it down. The vaccine trial: I was informed that Phase One study is full; not accepting further subjects even though I meet the criteria. However, if all goes well with Phase One,Phase Two will begin in 10 months and I am a good candidate. Other trials: Three good studies are starting in September including Phase 3 (I think that's what the doctor said) of a French Drug companies trials. Anyway, the bottom line in that I will be in a drug study starting in September and quite possible the vaccine trial next Spring. I feel good and remain upbeat and positive. I enjoyed church yesterday and enjoyed watching our Netflix selection, "In Cold Blood" last night on the heels of "Capote" a few nights before. Knowing what I know now about time frames of the research, I feel free to make the plans I want to make which hopefully includes a trip to Washington, DC to see the installation of our new lady Presiding Bishop in November and I still want to get back over to England. Speaking of lady bishops, making buttons, T-shirts and other stuff for our Episcopalia Cafe Press site has been a lot of fun. I've been making buttons on our machine at home at well. It's my opinion that working with templates and designing things is every bit as therapeutic as doing the cross word puzzles. If anybody hasn't visited Episcopalia, check it out: And that's all I have to report today. I love you all! Regards, Gordon